Combining Working Capital and Human Capital Management for SME’s growth

    Combining Working Capital and Human Capital Management for SME’s growth

    Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a significant role in strengthening the country’s economic progress. Despite the immense contribution in job creation and production of diverse products and services, the sector continues to grapple with challenges related to raising finance and establishing an effective workforce.

    It’s for this reason that Momentum Credit Limited-a local financial institution has partnered with Shortlist-a professionals recruiting firm to provide training to SME’s   on the complementary role of human capital and working capital in transforming and growing businesses in Kenya.

    The forum brought together SME owners and C-Level executives in finance and human resource management

    There is an underrated link on the strong influence of human capital and working capital on SME’s performance in the resilient business environment. Business owners face challenges in raising capital to support their ventures.

    The source of financing primarily revolves around personal savings, loans from family and friends and other informal sources as formal financial institutions have stringent measures locking out SMEs from accessing finance.

    Job Muriuki, CEO at Momentum says, “We believe that great business ideas require convenient access to capital and an efficient workforce to thrive. A lot of focus has been placed on the challenges SMEs face while accessing finance. There is a need to shift the conversation from financial constrains encountered by such businesses to incorporate other critical elements that hinder them from attaining growth and profitability.”

    Most SMEs in Africa do not have human resource departments because of budget constraints. Additionally, they are more concerned about the growth and scale aspects as opposed to people and culture-related issues. Managing talent is a huge challenge especially in recruitment, employee training and development.

    A company will only be able to provide exceptional products and services only when they have high-quality talent. Company owners and leaders must invest a lot of time and resources in workforce planning.

    Ariane Fisher, Managing Director East Africa at Shortlist Professionals says, “Lack of a competent workforce will cost SMEs time, money and eventually affect overall business performance. As business owners evaluate different ways to raise capital, a lot of consideration should also place on workforce management.”

    Working capital and human capital are the main levers SMEs have to gain transformative impact in their different sectors.